Fingerprint Based ATM

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Fingerprint Based ATM is a desktop application where fingerprint of the user is used as a authentication. The finger print minutiae features are different for each human being so the user can be identified uniquely. Instead of using ATM card Fingerprint based ATM is safer and secure. There is no worry of losing ATM card and no need to carry ATM card in your wallet. You just have to use your fingerprint in order to do any banking transaction. The user has to login using his fingerprint and he has to enter the pin code in order to do further transaction. The user can withdraw money from his account. User can transfer money to various accounts by mentioning account number. In order to withdraw money user has to enter the amount he want to withdraw .The user must have appropriate balance in his ATM account to do transaction. User can view the balance available in his respective account.


·         Login: - User will login to the system using his fingerprint.


·         Add Pin Code: - User has to add pin code in order to do transactions.


·         Withdrawal of cash: - User can withdraw cash by entering the amount he want to withdraw.


·         View Balance: - User can view balance which is available in his respective account.

Software Requirements:

·       Windows  7 and above

·       Microsoft SQL Server

·       Visual Studio

Hardware Requirements:

·        Processor – i3

·        Hard Disk – 5 GB

·        Memory – 1GB RAM



·        Fingerprint based ATM System is more secure than ATM card.

·        User can make transaction using his fingerprint anywhere and at anytime he need not have to carry ATM card.



·       If the User finger pattern has some cut or got damaged the system might not recognize the user


The system can be used in various Banks


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