Displaying Smart Phone Data Android Project

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In the existing system, some information such as missed calls and battery, messages information, referred to as device-oriented information. However, such information is related to a user. For example, if the user works in a company and cannot carry his mobile due to security issues then the user is unable to view the information.

Proposed System:

The application is based on sharing information such as battery status; miscall info and message from the Android device to web application, i.e., whenever the battery drains or any miscalls or when a message comes all this information will be updated on the server system and the user can view that information using the web application from anywhere.

Software Requirements:

The software product described in this document is Displaying Smart Phone Data. The main purpose of developing this system is to share device-oriented information i.e., location details to the server and retrieve that information from a server using Web Application

·        Programming Platform: JDK 1.7, Android SDK

·        IDE: STS (Spring Tool Suite)

·        Web server: Google Server (Google App Search Engine)

·        Database: Google Database

Product Functions:

The major functionalities of this website will be as follows:

·         User credentials.

·         Sending data from Android Device.

·         Displaying data.

System Features:

The major functionalities of this project will be as follows:

·         User credentials.

·         Sending data from Android device.

·         Displaying data.

Functional Requirements:

A user can choose information to push to external services. The application currently supports three types of information: the battery information of the device, SMS and missed call history. It shows how to get mobile device related information and send it to the server.

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