ATM Reporting System Java Project

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Since the introduction of ATM we find people rushing to the ATM to withdraw money rather than approaching the bank. Most often we find people trying to locate an ATM and keep asking passers by about the nearest ATM. It is also noticed that they end up at the ATM to find that there are no funds. They then try and locate another ATM. The application proposes to automate an environment where the administrator publishes the list of ATM’s from different banks, location, map (image). The administrator also allows the banker of the ATM to login and fill the details of the cash being loaded. This allows the public to identify the ATM’s and funds available and it’s functioning. The system allows the administrator to register the banker. The banker registers the customer details and their ATM’s.

Existing System:

·         The present working of the organization is outdated and the methods in the working of  Organization is not efficient.

·         The information of the ATM’S are recorded on paper and any record books.

·         The present system is slow and involves much clerical and official work.

·         The whole work is carried again in case of any changes to be made.

·         To know the availability of funds in any nearest ATM man power is required which is a time consuming process.

Hardware Requirements:

·         Processor : PIV 2.2 Ghz

·         RAM : 512 Mb

·         Hard disk : 4 Gb space

Software Requirements:

·         Front End : JSP, HTML, Javascript

·         Middle Tier : Tomcat

·         Back End : My sql



1) view atms

2) view customers(giva access,delete)


1) create new ATM

2) Load funds

3) Customer

4) search atm (atm name and Map)

5) withdrawal

6) view transactions (show N transaction details)

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