Industrial Tour Package Planning

  • Price ₹5,000.00

“Industry Visit Tour System” is a specific web based reservation system designed to                         make it easier for people or college to book industrial tour packages online

Features:  The system comprises of 2 major modules with its sub-modules as follows:

·         Admin:

o   Login: Admin need to login first in order to manage the system.

o   Add Subject: Can add subjects such as IT, Botany, Art, Hotel Management, etc., which is educational, related.

o   Add Place: Admin can add all the industrial related places such as Infosys, L&T, Wipro, etc.

o   Add / View Package Details: Admin defines a package detail for each person for industry visit. Also can view all the added package details.

o   View Booking Details: System allows admin to view booking details with the name of the bookie and its details.

o   View User Details: All the registered users will be displayed here with their details.

·         User:

o   Registration / Login: New user needs to register first to access the system by filling up the basic registration details.

o   View Places: User can see the list of added places with its details. User can search industry according to subjects or places.

o   View Packages: Can view all the packages, which are added by the admin with their details.

Software Requirements:

·         Windows 7 or higher

·         SQL Server 2008

·         Visual studio 2010

Hardware Requirements:

·         Processor – i3

·         Hard Disk – 5 GB

·         Memory – 1GB RAM

·         Internet Connection


·         This web application has made it possible to book a trip online and to compare prices so that user can be sure that they are getting a good deal.

·        This System has integration of the most popular payment gateways, as well as can process credit card payments.


·         Requires an active internet connection

·        System may provide inaccurate results if data not entered correctly

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