About Maxtech

Who We Are

    1. Founded over 9 years ago

    2. Maxtech is an IT company. We have been providing complete software solutions and assistance in Research and Development for last 9 years. We are only trusted organization in the area of Research and Development in indore. We also provide solutions to all our clients in india.

    3. We provide solutions in the various domains such as Data Mining, Image Security, Cloud Computing and Networking. We have team of experienced developer who are always ready to give technical assistance during project development. We solve all the queries of our clients in project duration. We deliver our projects in given time frame because customer satisfaction is our primary goal.

Our Services

    1. Project Development

    2. Online Project Delivery

    3. Paper Writing & Publishing

    4. Thesis Writing

    5. 100% Plagiarism Free Guaranteed

Development Specification

    1. Data Mining Projects -- java, .Net, MATLAB

    2. Cryptography Projects -- java, .Net, MATLAB

    3. File sharting Projects -- java, .Net

    4. Deep learning Projects -- java, .Net, MATLAB

    5. Networking -- java, .Net

    6. BE Projects(CS) -- java, .Net, PHP

    7. Web development

Our Vision & Mission

    1. Our vision is to become a leader of research and development in the country and empower our clients to grow and help other people in their field.

    2. Delivering high quality and optimized solutions according to end user’s requirement.

    3. Always creating open environment for new thoughts and concepts.

    4. Exploring new technologies and concepts constantly.

    5. Time to time internal discussion and evaluation for new innovation.

    6. Monitoring and evaluating our products and activities.