Data Mining

Fuzzy C Mean Clustering Algorithm With Steps

This algorithm works by assigning membership to each data point corresponding to each cluster center on the basis of the distance between the cluster center and the data point. The more the data is near to the cluster center more is its membership towards the particular cluster center. Clearly, the…

K-Means Clustering Algorithm with Steps

k-means is one of the simplest unsupervised learning algorithms that solve the well-known clustering problem. The procedure follows a simple and easy way to classify a given data set through a certain number of clusters. The main idea is to define k centers, one for each cluster. These centers should…

What is Clustering ?– Applications, Advantages and Limitations

Clustering is the undertaking of separating the populace or information that focuses on various gatherings with the end goal that information focuses on similar gatherings are more like other information focuses on a similar gathering than those in different gatherings. In basic words, the point is to isolate bunches with…

5G Technology – Working, Advantages.

At the end of 2018, the industry association 3GPP(1) defines any system that uses "5G NR" (5G New Radio) software as "5G", which is the fifth generation of cellular network technology.5G has brought three new aspects – higher speed, lower latency, and connection of multiple devices both as sensors and…
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