Cricket Club Management

  • Price ₹5,000.00

We propose to build a software system that can efficiently handle and manage various activities of a cricket club and all these activities will be happening under the supervision of the administrator. The administrator account controls everything.


·         User and Admin Account: It has two login accounts member login and admin login.


·         Ground Booking for events: Users can book ground for various events(marriage, show, other event.etc)


·         Book amount calculation acc to period of booking: The amount for booking the ground is calculated and given by the system depending upon the number of days.


·         Member registration: Users may register for club membership.


·         Cricket vacation and regular batch registration: Users may register for vacation and regular batch of cricket coaching.


·         Club news update: Admin may post news about club such as “club events, updates or news”. This news is displayed to all the users.


·         Members Area: Logged in members have a separate area to view club benefits they get.


·         Check Member Details: Admin can check various registered member details.


·         Approve Disapprove Bookings: Admin can approve or disapprove ground bookings.



Software Requirements:

·         Windows Xp, Windows 7(ultimate, enterprise)

·         Sql 2008

·         Notepad ++

·         Wamp Serve

Hardware Components:

·         Processor – i3

·         Hard Disk – 5 GB

·         Memory – 1GB RAM




·         Helps cricket clubs to register members online

·         Allows cricket clubs to allow users to book ground online

·         Automates the working of cricket club activities



·         Users cannot pay online

·         Users cannot chat with admin



·         Can be used to automate cricket club bookings

·         It can be used in other sports clubs for online bookings

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