Online Blood Bank System

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The software system is an online blood bank management system that helps in managing various blood bank operations effectively. The project consists of a central repository containing various blood deposits available along with associated details. These details include blood type, storage area and date of storage. These details help in maintaining and monitoring the blood deposits. The project is an online system that allows to check whether required blood deposits of a particular group are available in the blood bank. Moreover the system also has added features such as patient name and contacts, blood booking and even need for certain blood group is posted on the website to find available donors for a blood emergency. This online system is developed on .net platform and supported by an Sql database to store blood and user specific details.


·         Online Registration/Login: The users that are in need of blood can register online and find their suitable donors online.

·         Donor registration: Donors can also register in the system to post their donation information.

·         Blood requirement posting: Already registered users can also post their requirements need for blood.

·         Donated blood storage data and availability check: The system automatically stores the information as soon as there is any updation made.

·         Donor Finder: The system automatically finds the donor information when there arises any requirement.

·         Blood Finder: The system also finds blood type required according to user's need.


Software Requirements:

·         Windows Xp, Windows 7(ultimate, enterprise)

·         Sql 2008

·         Notepad ++

·         Wamp Serve

Hardware Requirements:

·         Processor – i3

·         Hard Disk – 5 GB

·         Memory – 1GB RAM



·         Customers can get all blood donation information in this system instead of going and searching around for it.

·         The system provides immediate details of blood available in the bank.

·         The system is very useful as it immediately provides user about the availability of blood.

·         The system also contains donor's details and information so that users don’t have problem in searching for them.

·         The system is very effective during emergency conditions.

·         It saves their time and efforts.


·         The system do not check for the user identity hence he must have to first get himself approved from the bank.

·         There is no human interaction.


·         The system can be used for any blood providing organization.

·         It can also be used in hospitals to provide doctors about the blood availability details in hospital.

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