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To provide computerized data storage facility. We can search easily any record.  The new system requires less time for completion of any work.  All the stock of medicine is update automatically in the new system. The system is user friendly and anyone having computer knowledge can handle it easily. Suitability for computerized data entry. Maintaining stock, Supplier information, Customer information & bill information are easy.


·         Admin Login: Admin need to login by providing the login credentials to access the below given admin modules.

a.      Product Entry:- Admin can enter details about new medicine products details.

b.      View Order:- Admin can view details about the order placed by the user.

c.       View Users Details:- Admin can view all the registered user’s details.

·         User Login/Registration: User can register on the system and get his online account on site.

a.      View Products:- The products are arranged and can be viewed in categories.

b.      Add to Cart:- Users can add multiple products to cart.

c.       Pay using Card:- After total bill is calculated user can pay via credit card online.

d.      View Order:- User can view details about the order placed.

Project Implementation Technology:

The Project is loaded in Visual Studio 2010. We used Visual Studio for Design and coding of project. Created and maintained all databases into SQL Server 2008, in that we create tables, write query for store data or record of project.

Hardware Requirement:


·   i3 Processor Based Computer or higher

·   Memory: 1 GB RAM

·   Hard Drive: 50 GB

·   Monitor

·   Internet Connection

Software Requirement:


·   Windows 7 or higher

·   Visual studio 2010.

·   SQL Server 2008.


·         User can view details of the medicines without going anywhere.

·         It is convenient for users as this system provides accurate cost and description of the system.

·         The website is flexible to be used and for e-shopping.

·         User can view different categories of product of different pharma company at a single place.

·         The products are delivered to the customer in his/her house so this becomes more convenient for them.


·         Does not keep track of stock.

·         The user cannot view the product in person.

·         There is no human interaction.

·         There can be fraud and security problems.

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