Stores Management System

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The ‘Stores Management System’ is targeted to automate the almost all of the processes mentioned above to reduce the clerical labor of the staff working in Stores both technical and as well as Accounts departments using the software Industry’s latest technologies and cost effective tools there by providing the better control to the management by avoiding manual errors etc.., 

In this project modules under study are Material Issues module, Reports module.requisitions and Inter stores issues i.e. material issues to other stores based on inter store requisitions. For these two operations, we have to issue the gate passes for both types of operations. 

We have been given the problem of automating the material of stores in APCPDCL

(Andhra Pradesh Central Power Distribution Company Limited) at APTRANSCO. Earlier the materials of stores have only been automated. In our project “STORES MANAGEMENT SYSTEM ”we have automated the stores of the central power distribution company limited. 

In Issues module, we have tracked the information regarding the issues of the receipts for the material that have been stored in the stores of the central power distribution company limited at CPDCL. This information can be easily made available to all the stores throughout the AP through intranet/ Internet. 

As a result of this automation, manual workload is reduced and data retrieval becomes easy. This project can be helpful for centralization of information regarding the stores of APCPDCL at APTRANSCO.

Hardware Requirements:


·         Processor: Pentium IV

·         Speed: 1.7 GHz

·         Memory Capacity: 1 GB

·         Hard Disk Capacity: 80 GB

·         Monitor Make: HP


·         Processor: Pentium IV

·         Speed: 1.7 GHz

·         Memory Capacity: 256 MB

·         Hard Disk Capacity:  20 GB

·         Monitor Make: HP

Software Requirements:

·         Operating System:  Windows 2000 Professional

·         Web Server: Apache Tomcat Web Server

·         Database : Postgresql

·         EnterpriseApplication : J2EE, JBOSS

·         Implementation Architecture: MVE,

 3 Tier using Servlets, JSP

·         Scripting Languages: Java Script

·         Scripting Languages: Java Script

·         Programming Language: Java

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