Crime Scene Image Analysis , Blood Drops Angle Detection, Velocity & Time Calulation of Blood Drops Using Image Processing Technique

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Traditional Techniques for Blood Source Recognition results in a crime scene contamination. The physical strings is most popular method. The impact angle identification and reconstruction of 3D trajectory are the main objective. Whereas the trajectory path is identified as a linear path. The human factor leads to number of error and false results.  This method also neglect the gravity factor. The distance between the spatter and the blood source is found out by proposed method by use of the Image Processing. For this system uses analytical model construction based on using images of crime scene. The processing images for analysis of the blood spatter. The stages includes Ortho-rectification of image, the  distance measurement from spatters to position from images, segmentation of blood spatter for analysis, construction of mathematical model which will be followed by gravity correction.
Keywords: Blood spatter analysis, Blood spatter trajectory, Forensic image processing

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