Java based implementation of C4.5 Classifier


  1. Source Code in JAVA
  2. Libraries
  3. SQL Script
  4. weka
  5. Machine Learning
  6. C4.5 Decision Tree using WEKA


The C4.5 Decision Tree is also known as the J48 algorithm. That is one of the essential data mining algorithms. The implementation of the J48 or C4.5 decision tree has been carried out using JAVA technology. The implemented model includes the performance analysis too in terms of precision, recall, F1-Score, memory, and time requirements. Additionally, for implementing decision tree WEKA [1] library is used. You can load your dataset in ARFF (Attribute Relationship File Format) [2]. The product includes a download with the following:

  1. Source Code in JAVA
  2. Libraries
  3. SQL Script


The Implementation of the C4.5 Decision tree in JAVA is a simple to use the application you need the following software to execute the program:

  1. a MySQL server and
  2. Netbeans IDE to execute your application:

After installation, we need to configure our project using the following steps:

  1. open MySql Server and create a database using the script available in your downloads (Project Folder)
  2. open Netbeans IDE
  3.  click open a project
  4. browse your project
  5. open it on the editor
  6.  select your utility class of project
  7.  modify connection string according to your system.
  8. and simply execute your program

How to Use:

the given video explains how to work with the implemented system.





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